Power of Healing Nature



 Free 15 min. phone consultation for necessary clarifications, questions related to specific health condition.

 Initial Consultation Visit (1.5-2h.): $180 , $150 for a child.

 Follow up visit (1h.): $90

 Fertility, Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum support or other ongoing regular access: $90 per calendar month.

 Immune support (general and seasonal): $50 per household.

 Adjunctive modalities (30 min.): $50 (included in initial consultation)


 Drainage and Detoxification

 Organ/lymph support

 Mineral Biochemical Support 

 Bach flower remedies

 Homeoprophylaxis (HP): $270+$50 for additional child in the household.

 Acute Homeopathic consultation: (30 min): $50

 Wellness visit (1h.): $90

  If you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact me to find mutually acceptable solution.


Homeopathic Consultation: Initial Visit consists of complete intake, review and detailed analysis of your present and past conditions, genetic predispositions and family history.

Based on the information, an INDIVIDUAL, constitutional remedy is identified.

Care plan with detailed instructions prepared in the office or within one working day after the visit.

 Call–in time support, brief check in status, update feedback or necessary ongoing clarifications over the phone, Skype or mail.

 Assessment of individual need for adjunctive modalities: Biotherapeutic drainage, Gemmotherapy, Mineral biochemical support and Bach flower remedy.

Any additional supplements (Gemmotherapy tinctures, cell salts, flower essences, drainage kits) are charged if provided in the office for your convenience, or obtained independently by the client from trusted sources.

Follow-up Homeopathic Consultations: takes place 4-10 weeks later, depending on status, nature and intensity of the condition. It is necessary to determine response to the remedy, evaluate the range of improvement and whether any changes need to take place.

Additional Type of Homeopathic Consultations:

Wellness visit- available for existing clients for health maintenance every 6 months or yearly as needed to evaluate current state of health, wellness progress, assess necessity of repetition or adjustment of constitutional remedy, options for Detoxification, need for Gemmotherapy, Mineral balance support, Immune Support and Travelling support.

Acute Consultation in person, over the phone or Skype with frequent updates if needed.

Please noteHomeopathic care is not a substitute for hospital room emergency care but there are homeopathic remedies that can alleviate discomfort and symptoms, leading to faster recovery.

Immune support (general and seasonal) allows boosting immune system using homeopathy and natural supplements with no side effects.

Fertility, Pregnancy and Labor support please contact to discuss your individual detailed plan, including preconception preparation, in –pregnancy and postpartum support.

Homeoprophylaxis – (HP) delivers highly diluted homeopathic preparations carrying only energetic information of disease for acquaintance with the immune system. It is administered according to a certain, systematic, proven protocol. It is highly potent to prevent the development of the characteristic symptoms of targeted disease. It is natural, gentle, safe and effective method. HP requires supervision of a certified, trained practitioner.

Gemmotherapy uses extremely potent remedies prepared from buds and young shoots of plants. Embryonic tissues are full of enzymes, phytohormones, energy and vitality not present in the mature plant. Plant stem cells have the ability to detoxify, nourish, regenerate tissues, organs and system of organs, provide specific organ or system support. Homeopathic preparation makes it completely non-toxic, non-addictive and extremely effective.

Drainage and Detoxification, organ/lymph support is natural, safe, individual program aimed to reduce the toxic burden and restore healthy systems of elimination. Liver, kidneys (mainly) and lungs, bowels, skin (additionally) are filtering, detoxifying and safely eliminating any potentially harmful element that enters or is created by the body during life cycle. Failure to do so may result in accumulation of toxic products and further tissue and organ damage. Individual detoxification program will suit your specific needs and will help to promote your individual health.

Mineral Biochemical Support. Homeopathically prepared mineral salts are crucial for the everyday health of the body. They provide continuous, easy assessable mineral foundation for the optimal functioning of body systems, immunity, tissue regeneration, well-being, optimal electrolyte level, tissue Ph, nutrition and aid in absorption of essential nutrients. Many people acknowledge need of mineral supplements, but cell salts are easier assimilated by the cells, more efficient, gentle, able to work faster to correct imbalances.

Bach Flower remedies applicable for variety of mental-emotional conditions like anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression grief and disappointment. They build capacity for healing by infusing the body with positive emotional energy.