Power of Healing Nature


Approach: Classical Homeopathy is the traditional approach practiced for at least 200 years. It uses remedies on constitutional basis.

 Selection of the correct homeopathic remedy depends entirely on the deep and thoughtful understanding of the whole person’s unique nature, gained through the thorough interview process.  While it requires the most training, the best understanding of the patient, and is the most time-consuming, it is also the most successful at helping people fully recover their health as it resolves any underlying susceptibility to disease and strengthening defense mechanism.

Type: A homeopathic interview usually lasts 1 to 2 hours. Comprehensive history is necessary to understand the health concern, history of its development, affect on the everyday life, possible triggers and unique personal background and hereditary predisposition.

Long Distance Consultations are available per request through phone or Skype.  This option is perfect for those who are unable to visit the office due to limitations from illness, time, distance, weather and/or travel expense. I am currently working with clients from Russia, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Israel as well as from different states of US.

Please contact me initially by mail, including the following information: your name, Skype requisites and short message stating that you are interested in a consultation. Once I receive your initial enquiry, I will send you consent for care and a questionnaire by email, to fill out and return. Questionnaire will mostly focus on the information needed about your health problems, but will also request information of a general nature. I try to respond as quickly as possible to your initial query, and will mail your care plan with detailed instructions within one working day of receiving your payment.

The Goal of a Consultation is to recognize each person’s unique state of health and select the remedy compatible to it based on “Like Cures Like”.

How many consultations are required?This depends on the individual. Homeopathy is a process of treatment. First aid and acute complaints generally respond quickly while chronic illness may require prolonged care.

*Note: For complex issues it is recommended that you commit to working with a Homeopath for at least 3-6 months to allow time for your body to find balance, detoxify, clear genetic predispositions, and to establish vital life force. Sometimes the remedy effect can be observed at the moment when remedy melts in the mouth, but more often clients see positive movement within 10-30 days and it’s important to follow up with progress for the steady and  lasting benefit.

What happens after initial consultation? After a remedy is given, the individual’s response is carefully observed and the remedy is changed only if necessary. Each individual experiences the reaction to the remedy in a different way. Usually the effects are gentle and gradual, though at times more rapid or dramatic changes occur. Since the remedies work to improve your general health, you should not be concerned if local symptoms do not change right away. Occasionally a remedy will be given that is not a prefect fit. If this happens, usually either only temporary improvements occur or nothing at all happens, however the follow-up visit will usually reveal the correct remedy. Sometimes the action of the remedy is so dramatic people feel like they are well and that they need no further attention to their health. This initial reaction shows that the person can get well. However, consistent follow-up is essential to insure long lasting health. If there are any concerns about what is happening after taking a remedy, please call.

Confidentiality is guaranteed by the practitioner https://homeopathy.org/about/code-of-ethics/

"... All substances are poisons; there is none which is not a poison. The right dose defferentiates a poison from a remedy"